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25 Yard Screamer - The Pictures Within
The Pictures Within
25 Yard Screamer - Approaching From An Oblique Angle
Approaching From...
25 Yard Screamer - Cassandra
25 Yard Screamer - Until All Are One
Until All...
25 Yard Screamer - Something That Serves To Warn Or Remind
Something That Serves...
25 Yard Screamer - Keep Sending Signals
Keep Sending Signals
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Track List

    Album No. 1 - The Pictures Within (2003)

    Released in 2003 the first and most likely, least known album by the band introduced them with a dark and heavy orientation. It was to suggest the more Progressive direction that would follow later with the songs ‘I’m An Explosive’ and ‘The Pictures Within’ whilst maintaining a relatively short form song basis. (If you consider ANY song over 6 minutes short!) The first album to be recorded at the bands own 2112 Studios on the finest of shoestring budgets there was only ever one run of 50 CD’s produced, which sold out very quickly. The band have never felt entirely comfortable with rereleasing the original recordings as the quality is not of the standard of more recent releases, (although a perpetual remix is always on the cards!!!) Preferring to re-record the tracks over recent years, three songs have featured on the most recent release ‘Keep Sending Signals’ and undoubtedly more will follow. This album is currently out of stock, however if you would like a copy please send us a message on:

    Album No. 2 – Approaching From An Oblique Angle (2004)

    This is the only album not to have recorded at 2112 Studios having been put together at Slayer Studios under the Production hand of Mr Matt Murray Evans (Erasmus). Again a predominantly short song focused album but regarded by the band as having some favourite moments of song writing to this day. ‘Blackhole Undone’, ‘Pulse’, ‘Boy In The Window’, ‘Invisible Hands’ and ‘Recovery’ holding particular favour, ‘Pulse’ was recently re-recorded for the 2016 release ‘Keep Sending Signals’. This was the first album to receive any critical recognition, or public airplay, being a particular favourite of FM Godzilla in Japan! Criticised for certain production values in some quarters it spawned a six track re-recording in 2006 that was subsequently never released. (Yet!)

    Album No.3 – Cassandra (2007)

    This was the real beginning for 25YS as a recognised band in Progressive music circles. Featuring four tracks on a 55 minute album the opener ‘Blacklight’ took 18 months to come to fruition and has proved to be one of the bands most popular and enduring songs. At 19 minutes and 19 seconds it marked the first of many subsequent forays into the realm of the extended writing form, and was cited by Classic Rock Magazine as one of the top 100 songs of 2007. The title track, clocking in at over 29 minutes was also the bands first conceptual piece, taking the Greek legend of the prophetically cursed Cassandra and placing her in the modern world. Recorded at 2112 studios, with some drum tracks created at Slayer, Cassandra was re-released with alternative artwork and demo bonus tracks in 2012.

    Album No. 4 – Until All Are One (2011)

    The genesis of this album is a long and complicated one. The final released version was in fact the third recording of an ‘Album No. 4’. The first was abandoned after a collaborative project with an invited fourth member didn’t work out. The second incarnation was produced and mastered but then, after considerable mental wrangling, rejected for just not being a satisfactory representation of the songs. There then followed many months of rewriting, streamlining and re-recording which resulted in what is, for some of the band at least a very firm favourite, not only in terms of the songs, but of the recorded sound also. Live favourite ‘Jeremiah’, ‘Train’ and ‘The Thirteenth Bell’ continue the extended piece and concept story philosophies with ‘The Thirteenth Bell’ containing concepts from both ‘Jeremiah’ and ‘Cassandra’ and ‘Train’ bringing tendrils of the ‘Cassandra’ tale into itself. Further explorations of varying time signatures and an overriding sense of the three piece nature of the band at this time pervade the album. A deep resilience was born with ‘Until All Are One’, a belief in the strength of choice that 25YS make above external pressures, and a refusal to bow.

    Album No. 5 – Something That Serves To Warn Or Remind (2013)

    The bands first full album concept that follows the story of struggling, agoraphobic writer Jennifer who, with the assistance of a strange visitor from her past finds the courage to go out in search of her salvation, her lost book of words. The germ of inspiration was taken from the book ‘A Monster Calls’ by Patrick Ness, in fact an early idea was to adapt the book into an album as was. However, deep paranoia lies at the heart of the band and so this was quickly abandoned and other inspirational paths followed. The result was a short story written by NJ with occasional input (interference) from MC, which introduced the character Jennifer, the protagonist. The album was written both musically and lyrically to enhance the story, adding additional layers to a story yet to be seen by the good public, so it also had to work alone as a suitable vehicle for the heroines journey. The album title comes from the dictionary definition of the word memento, a strong feature of the story. With the photography of Brazilian photographer Jefferson Ramos the perfect portrait was found for the cover, the role of Jennifer beautifully portrayed by the lovely Daniella A. This album, is also the first to feature the considerable musical talents of TB who was welcomed into the band on a permanent basis following his considerable contribution to the music on this album. It was, arguably about time there was a musician in the band!

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    Album No. 6 – Keep Sending Signals (2016)

    ‘Keep Sending Signals’ is a blend of old and new. Featuring four new tracks and four re-imagined tracks taken from the bands first two albums, the majority of the album having a strong leaning toward the ‘rock’ side of the band, having a strong focus on the guitar, bass and drums framework on which almost all of the band’s music is based. The title track, in two parts, features an atmospheric opening, spoken words and harps delivering you to the four piece rock second act. ‘Keep Sending Signals Part 2’ became the subject of the bands first, professionally shot music video, filmed and directed by Rob Reed (Magenta / Sanctuary), at The Pop Factory in Porth, S. Wales. The album has received considerable radio play and continues to do so into 2017.

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